The Challenge

I’ve been a recreational runner on/off for most my life (ok…a lot more “off” than on for most of my life, but I’ve made up for it in recent years). I also love, love New York City – I wanted to live up here since I was 10.

Last November I finished my first marathon – New York, of course. I’m dying to run the New York Half Marathon, but got shut out of it via lottery this year (along with many other tri-staters). I’ve also been pretty eager to branch out out into the world of multi-sport for a few years now – even more so now that I’m the road owner of my first road bike. I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that my race of choice is the big tri held in my favorite city – the NYC Triathlon.

I was thinking – what better way to celebrate New York than to race all 3 in one year? Of course in a city with a population of over 8 million and endurance sports becoming more and more popular every year, you can’t exactly just register for these events. You either have to take your chances with an increasingly more difficult lotteries, or secure guaranteed entry. These are a few different ways to accomplish it, but here are the most realistic options for me…

a) New York City Half Marathon  – March 2012, TBA
Run four out of the five boroughs half marathons for guaranteed entry in 2012
b) Nautica New York City Triathlon – June 24, 2012
Easy as pie – volunteer for the 2011, and you’re in for 2012
c) ING New York City Marathon – November 4, 2012
Run 9 qualifying races with New York Road Runners as a good member in standing (yes, the four half marathons for NYC HM count) and volunteer at one additional race, and you too will have the privilege of taking over the streets of the city for 26.2 miles that first Sunday in November

Then once I fulfill these requirements, I actually have to, you know, train for these three consecutive events.  Running is definitely my strongest sport, but I would like to improve my speed. I also have to work on first getting comfortable on a road bike and re-learn my swimming skills. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

Oh yah and there’s one tiny fact I left out of all these big plans. I can’t say anything until it’s official, but let’s just say I should have a BIG social/life event coming up on the horizon that will take up a huge chunk of free time.

Let the games begin!

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