An Amazing Spin Class + NYC Marathon Volunteering – DONE!

Happy April – too bad it was cold/snowy/raining. Really, when do we get spring weather already? I decided to nix my run for today and head to the gym.  One of the trainers in a conditioning class I regularly take treated us all to a free training session – yay! I definately tend to slack off on the weights, especially when my mileage builds, so it was refreshing to get a new routine.  I am going to make a better effort to stick with it this time – so we’ll see.

The plan was to take a spin class right after at my gym- but I was completely shut out.   Since I was planning on coming into the city to volunteer anyways, I used it an as excuse to treat myself to a ride at the ultra-luxurious Flywheel Sports. I’ve taken a ton of spin classes over the years, but Flywheel is still my favorite studio.  The bikes have computers on them that give you stats like your torq (resistance), cadence, current power (combined resistance and cadence effort) and total power. There are also two flat screen TVs in the room called “torq boards” – you sign up with a username and your stats are displayed along with others in the room.  There are also two mini bodybars next to your bike that you use for a song to tone your arms. The total effect = butt kicking!

Doesn’t it just look beautiful in there?!

After a quick lunch I headed over to the Expo for the More/Fitness Half Marathon to spend my afternoon handing out numbers to race participants.  Although I had no desire to run the actual race this year for a few reasons, I did enjoy handing out numbers and encouragement to fellow runners. My favorite pair of the day was a mother/daughter duo. It was going to be the daughter’s first half marathon and she was going to run it with her mom – reminded me when I walked my first half marathon with my mom.  I also totally underestimated how tiring standing and handing out numbers all afternoon would be – I was totally wiped by the end of the day, and I definitely have a new level respect for all race volunteers. 

Overall, it was a great day and I’m glad to have the volunteer portion of the 9+1 out of the way – I just need to focus on running my 9 races. Considering I’m already committed to running the four borough half marathons to qualify New York Half Marathon and I’m already signed up for an additional 2 – that shouldn’t be too daunting at all!

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