A Family That Runs Together, Stays Together

This past weekend was my little cousin’s bar mitzvah in Long Island. Since the service was at 10 am on Saturday, with an open bar party immediately following after, I knew it would play havoc on my training. I switched things around a bit and ended up doing my weight training circuit followed by some light cardio on the elliptical Thursday after work, and my 10-miler on Friday morning. There was just no chance I would wake up on Saturday, do my long run, then deal with my hair and get dressed for a formal event – all before we had to leave our hotel at 9:30 am!

My cousin did wonderful at his service, and the party was fabulous – but the real treat of the weekend for me came the next morning. My dad originally grew up and went to college on the island. Our hotel was right by Eisenhower Park, and my dad had logged many miles on those roads in his youth. Sunday morning we both woke up and headed over there  for a leisurely run. My plan only called for a 2 mile recovery run that day, so I was totally unconcerned with pace, miles, or anything really other than just enjoying the run with my father. We did loops around the park and listened to my dad reminiscence about his college days and growing up in Long Island.

Before I knew it, we had been out for an hour and were right by our car – I couldn’t believe we had been out for that long! We headed back to the hotel, showered, packed up, and met back up with the rest of the family for a quick breakfast at the diner before hitting the road.

It was one of those runs that make you appreciate the simple joy of running – and the wonderful conversations that might just come along, too.

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