Rain Rain Go Away – Tips for Surviving Rain on Race Day

So tonight I’m gearing up for the Aha Wall Street Run and Heart Walk. I figured it was an easy way to pop into the city after work, run an easy 3 miles, and knock off another qualifier for the 2012 marathon. But…mother nature wants to throw in her own challenge!

What a miserable day for  race

This means that I will most likely be 2/2 for rainy weather on race day this year for my NYRR races! I learned a few things during my rainy 4-miler last month, and hopefully they will help me this time around as well…

  1.  If there’s enough rain, NOTHING is really water proof…but still wearing a water proof/water resistant jacket helps at least for the first mile or 2. 
  2. Keep yourself as dry as possible before you start. I wore a plastic poncho over my running clothes, plastic bags over my shoes, and had an umbrella to hang onto in the corrals. I tossed everything before I started, and at least I was semi-dry. 
  3. Have warm stuff waiting. I warmed up pretty fast when I started running…but as soon as I finished, my body temperature came down fast! I was very happy to have a set of dry clothes to get into 
  4. Leave the electronics at home.  Unless you feel like risking your phone or iPod – why risk it?  The exception being water resistant watches – they (should) be ok.  If you absolutely must have your phone on you, keep it in a plastic baggie. in a case. in another pouch. Better safe than sorry!
  5. Keep your eyes dry. If you can’t see, how can you run? Wearing a visor/hat will help keep the rain away – and if you have big glasses/sunglasses that cover your eyes completly and won’t affect your vision, even better.
  6. Bodyglide is your friend. Even if you don’t usually blister, you’ll be surprised how the rain can make even the most technical fabrics rub and irritate you. And don’t forget about covering your feet – they are the most susceptible to blisters in the rain!
  7. Mind over body. If you go into a race thinking this sucks, it will suck. If you can find the fun in it (hey, remember playing in the rain as a kid?) then it might not be so bad after all.

Anyone else have any last minute ideas that I’m missing? Good luck to all those running tonight and let’s keep those fingers crossed for a drizzle/mist and not a tropical downpour!

7 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away – Tips for Surviving Rain on Race Day

  1. Nicole

    And, not all bags are waterproof either. Have a plastic bag to put over your race bag (the one with your dry post race clothes)especially if the baggage area is outdoors. My stuff was still wet in spots, but I'm sure it would've been a lot worse without that extra plastic covering.


  2. I find running in the rain a bit soothing! I had an old coach that insisted we wear hats when it rained, and I must say it does wonders for keeping your face dry and blocking some wetness. Also, save the energy jumping over puddles-you're going to get soaked, so have some fun with it!


  3. Rain definitely sucks, but you'll make it through three miles! My biggest fear is rain on NYC Marathon Day. My first marathon attempt (a few months before NYC 2010) was foiled by torrential downpour at mile 20, and officials shut it down.


  4. I'm so glad I'm not running tonight since I've already had 2 wet races this year (Coogan's and the torrential downpour that was the NYRR 4M). I have a completely waterproof jacket that was fine for Coogan's but met its match at the NYRR 4M. The best antidote for a wet race is a hot shower and coffee afterward. Good luck tonight! I hope the rain is gone by Saturday for the Half!


  5. I like these tips! I definitely forgot the body glide before my rainy run this a.m. I would add not trying to jump over and avoid all puddles – it's a good way to twist an ankle or knee by mistake! Good luck tonight 🙂


  6. Thanks, guys! What looked like a dire forecast yesterday am turned out to be a dry evening…who knew? Full race report coming up shortly…:)

    And yes – let's keep the rain/heat/humidity far, far away for Brooklyn on Sat…and for that matter, the marathon too!


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