Annnnndd I’m Back in the Game!

This week marked the 17 week countdown until the New York City Marathon. My original was plan was to be on week two of an 18 week training program, but some knee issues forced me to rethink that a bit. So my revised plan of attack was to use this week to pull myself together, before launching into a revised 16 week program.  And getting my act together included trying for a long run for the first time in two weeks.  Eeeek!

My alarm went off at wonderful hour of 5:30 am. I had my standard half bagel and banana breakfast, threw on my clothes, and out the door I went.

This was the fourth week for my marathon group, but only my second time attending, because of said injury.  Luckily the group was super welcoming and I didn’t feel like I missed a beat at all. I even had someone to pace with!

My original plan for the run was to go slow and steady and be super cautious with my knee.  I also have a tendency to take my training runs a bit close to race pace…which is generally bad.  But between the humidity, warm weather, and the monstrous hills…I had no problem taking it slower than race pace!  The worst hills came between in the beginning. I was tempted to take walk breaks, but my partner helped me power through them.  But around mile 7, the mostly uphills turned into mostly downhills, and it was smooth sailing from there. And the best part…no major knee pains!

My splits…oh gee, I wonder when I hit the hills 😉

This run gave me some much needed confidence to get started on marathon training next week.  But in the meantime…

Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium

It was time for Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium that evening.  He obviously was planning on throwing me a welcome-back-to-distance-running party 😉

Me and the boy showing off our NYY pride preshow

What was your longest/hardest workout this weekend? Did you do anything out of the ordinary?

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