A Running Roundup

It’s been a busy few weeks! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated – I guess these 40+ mile weeks have been taking their toll on me. My life has been sleep/run/work/eat for the past three weeks, with some ups and downs along the way. Here’s what you missed…

The Bronx Half Marathon – or the Race that Never Was. 
The Bronx Half Marathon was supposed to be my 6th qualifying race for the 2012 marathon, and the third qualifying race for the 2012 half marathon. But Mother Nature had her own ideas…

Um yes, that’s a hurricane heading towards NYC  

Um yes, that is indeed a  hurricane heading straight towards the NYC area! Obviously NYRR had to cancel the race.  Of course the storm ended up missing most of Manhattan – but hitting us in CT instead. We lost power for some time and my running routes were messed up a bit from storm damage, but all’s well that ends well.  And, I still got marathon/half marathon credit, too.

First 20 Miles in the Books…
First 20 miler is *done*.  This was on the sched for the weekend right after our little hurricane experience. Since I was a bit nervous about storm damage (dodging downed power lines and trees on major hills for 20 miles did not sound like a good time) and most of the area was out of power (so no traffic lights..eek!) I opted to head to the city and run circles in Central Park.  I had company for most of the early miles, which was nice – it helped keep my anxiety down about how long I had to go.  I was feeling pretty good the whole way and ended up being rather pleased with how the whole run went overall.

The Garmin stats

Along with Some Recovery
 However, the week after my 20 was pretty rough.  I managed to get in 30ish miles, including a long run of 13, but my legs were just wiped and felt pretty lead-like for most of the week.  I was also stuck on the dreadmill more than I would of liked – but it rained a ton, and the ground just couldn’t handle it after our little hurricane encounter two weeks ago, so roads were starting to flood out a bit. Safety first!

…And Even More Recovery
Last week was supposed to be a return to normal training – but my legs were just not feeling it. I tried to stubbornly stick to my training plan anyways – which included trying to run 40 miles before heading out of town to go back to my alma-mata for some Gator football. I’ve done switch-arounds like that before for half marathon training, but clearly it wasn’t such a brilliant idea during full marathon training..and my body just couldn’t handle it. I ended up skipping my planned long run on Thurs – my legs were just so sore, tired, and dead I was worried the run would do more harm than good. I thought about trying to make it up on vacation, but my coach talked me out of it and just said to enjoy the weekend. Which I promptly did. But I did make time for one special workout….

Just a game of catch at the Swamp

Ok, so tossing around the football on Florida Field isn’t really a workout. But it did make my weekend!

Back to the Present
Now here we are, all caught up.  I’m trying not to fret too much about the missed long run last weekend, and move forward with normal training this week.  Only 7 weeks to go before the big race…it will be here before I know it!

Have you ever skipped a workout or two? How do you handle the missed mileage?

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