Happy Fall! Autumn Running Essentials

Well technically as of last Friday, fall is officially here. Of course with weather like this…

It’s hard to believe that cooler weather will actually happen, but I am fully confident that Mother Nature will send us some gorgeous, cool, non-humid weather in the near future. Preferably in time for my 20-miler planned for next Saturday, but hey, who’s counting, right?

But when that mythical weather does indeed come our way, here are my essentials.  (Editorial Note – I have not been paid in any way to promote these products – these are just my unbiased opinions, for better or worse)

Asics Thermpolis LT Hoodie

Asics Thermopolis LT Hoody, $68; asicsamerica.com for stores

I bought this hoodie last year at the NYC Marathon Expo because I thought it would be a useful item, and I ended up living it in all season long.  The fabric is a bit heavier so it’s probably more appropriate for those chilly mornings that will come in late fall, but I swear, it’s the softest/coziest fabric ever. It also has little thumb holes in the sleeves that come in handy when it’s chilly enough your hands are cold in the early miles, but not quite so cold where you want to bust out the gloves. I’ll probably hold off on buying another one until this year’s marathon expo so I can get one with the NYC logo on it again…but it’s well worth the money.

CW-X 3/4 Length Capri Stability Tights

CW-X 3/4 Length Stability Capri Tights, $87.99; roadrunnersports.com

I usually wait until it’s in the 30s to bust out full length tights since my legs heat up rather quickly, so I find capris the perfect compromise. Now does the compression technology really work? Well, I personally don’t believe in “magic” tights, socks, or whatever – but I do feel a difference when I run in my CW-Xs vs my capris/tights or shorts.

Nike Fast Pace Tank and LS Baselayer

Nike Fast Pace Tank, $25, and LS Baselayer, $35, runningwearhouse.com

As the weather gets cooler, it’s allll about layering with lightweight pieces. I like starting with a tank and then a long sleeved sleeve top because a) the lightweight tank supposedly helps block the cold from your chest and b) I can strip down to the tank in the event I do get warm.  These Nike basics are among my favs in my wardrobe because they are so lightweight, it feels like you are wearing nothing.

Brooks NightLife Jacket II

Brooks NightLife Jacket II, $100; brooksrunning.com

As the sun rises later and sets earlier, doing at least some of your runs in the dark because an inevitable fact of life.  I think Brooks’ whole NightLife line is absolutely genius. Sure the bright yellow might not be the most flattering color, but it sure does make you visible in low-light conditions. I pulled the jacket because a windproof/waterproof jacket is an essential part of any fall running wardrobe, but really, I think the whole line is fabulous.

iFitness Mini Running Belt

iFitness Mini Sport Belt, $18.50; ifitnessinc.com

Sadly, the transition to capris and then tights, generally means the loss of pockets – and nowhere to stash keys, gels, ids, etc.  If I’m not stashing my stuff in my water belt, I love my iFitness belt.  Out of all the belts I find it’s the most bounce-less, and the pocket is large enough to fit my trusty iPhone.

8 thoughts on “Happy Fall! Autumn Running Essentials

  1. I think I have that yellow jacket? Or at least it's one similar to that. I LOVE it and is perfect for all sorts of weather.

    I agree, humidity is the worst for doing runs, it kills me…

    And I really like that nike blue (dark/light) singlet, very cute.


  2. I've never really understood the need for water belts if you're not running in a somewhat deserted area. Unless I'm racing more than a half, I hold out for water at the very end, but when I do need it mid-run I'll take from the stations or stop at a water fountain. I've never tried a belt, but I would think it would weigh you down and not stay cold, right?

    As for fuel, I haven't figured out how I'm going to carry my gels on race day. Hopefully I'll be wearing shorts that can hold at least two.


  3. Thx for the love, anonymous!

    I prefer carrying the water on me since I run in mostly residential areas, but I don't think it matters too much if you wear a belt, carry a hand held, or just have water stashed along the way, as long as you are hydrating.

    Glad that you all like some of picks…:)


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