Taper Madness…and a Snowstorm?

Getting ready for my last few training runs there are certain things that you expect – overly anxious nerves, self-doubt, maybe some changes in appetite with the decreased mileage.  Something I don’t expect? A giant snowstorm before Halloween even officially arrives!

This past weekend was my last “long” run of 8 miles.  After months of my shortest long run being 13+ miles, it was a welcome relief.  My original plan was to knock it on Saturday, but when the weather predictions looked dicey for Saturday, I decided to get it done on Friday instead.

It was a chilly day – high 30s when I left my apartment – but still sunny and beautiful. It took me a mile or two for my lungs to get adjusted to the colder air, but eventually the burning sensation in my lungs subsided.  I tried to get into a groove, but marathon anxiety was starting to get the best of me – I kept constantly checking my Garmin for pace and was being hypersensitive about every tiny twinge I may or may not have felt in my legs.  In an effort to calm myself down, I tried to slow down and appericiate all the lovely sights I was running past.

Like the waterfront by the town’s boat launch

Boat launch at Longshore Park

The public golf course that winds through my town’s golf course

Golf course (and running paths!) in Longshore Park

The fall foilage that lined that neighborhood streets

One of the neighborhoods I run

 And as soon as I calmed down, my run ended up being quite enjoyable after all.  And with the sky being such a lovely blue,  it was hard to believe that the weather on Saturday was actually going to be any different.

The next morning I had planned on doing another short run. It was supposed to be an ugly day – cold with an icy rain, and some potential snow in the evening. But hey, it was October…I figured we wouldn’t get much more than a dusting.  When I woke up the sky looked pretty gray and I really didn’t feel like being caught in an cold rain, so I decided to eat a leisurely breakfast, run a few errands, and then hit the gym for an indoor run.

Yeah…this was my view from my treadmill at my apartment’s gym. Does this look like rain to you?!

Yes, that white stuff, is snow.

Turned out the rain never really came, and we just got snow. all day. all night. So much for any sort of pre-Halloween festivities – or even a leisurely restaurant excursion.  The boyfriend and I basically hibernated in the apartment all weekend. But thankfully, we never lost power, although the majority of the state is out, and will be, for quite some time.   Apparently we are worse off than we were during Hurricane Irene…yikes!

But on the positive note, I did manage to get all my miles in despite the crazy weather. Now all that left is a few short runs, some packing, a train ride…and viola! It’s marathon time!!

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