One Trip, Three Sports

After spending a month recovering from the New York Marathon, I finally feel like I’m on the mend again. I’m not 100% pain free, but I am able to run 5 miles without pain that alters my gait. I think the distinction is pretty important.

Since I ended up staying in Miami longer than I originally intended to, I was able to spend a week in PT. My official diagnosis is patellar tendonitis, which is a form of runner’s knee.

I spent the first half of my sessions receiving some manual therapy. It was very painful for my injured knee to be poked and prodded, but it was worth it since my knee felt much looser after. I spent the second half of my sessions trying to pinpoint the weaknesses in my gait/form and completing strengthening exercises that focused on correcting those weaknesses.

After two sessions, I was cleared to do some run/walk intervals. I was able to drop the intervals and move into some slow running after just one run/walk session.  By the week’s end, I was able to run 5 miles in a little under 50 minutes. Considering I couldn’t get through 2.5 miles without major pain before the trip, I will happily take it.

Random birds on my run? Must be in Miami

 I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a road bike during my trip. My mom and I did a few medium-length rides together between 22-35 miles on the days I didn’t run.  Gorgeous scenary, as always.

Bayfront Park Marina
Doesn’t it just look like tropical paradise?

 But, my big biking breakthrough didn’t come until my last ride of trip. My mom had to bail on me since she was having some major back pain, so I asked my dad if I could tag along with him. 46 miles or bust. My longest ride ever. 

Not only did I finish in one piece, but I successfully learned how to drink from my water bottle as well! It’s too cold for me to ride now that I’m back in CT, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick up where I left off next spring.

As per usual, I didn’t make any real progress on my swimming skills.  However, I did make a pretty big purchase. My dad took me to his favorite tri shop in town, and I got fitted for a wetsuit. I swear, it was like trying on Spanx for your entire body.

Aren’t wetsuits oh-so-flattering?

I ended up going with the Orca Sonar Wetsuit with long sleeves. Supposedly the sleeves help with buoyancy, and really, I will need every ounce of help I can get on the swim!

All in all, I would say it was a pretty productive trip. 

15 thoughts on “One Trip, Three Sports

  1. Anonymous

    Great blog. I am glad your running well enough to get back out there. I am also from Miami and after looking at your images I miss it even more.


  2. I can't imagine squeezing myself into a tri suit, much less working out in one…I would probably feel claustrophobic. But you manage to make it look comfortable.

    Well that is quite the impressive bike ride! 46 miles is a long distance, congrats.

    I kind of wish I could go to physical therapy sometime and just have them work on every little part of my body that is affected by running– I don't have any major issues, just a full body overhaul would feel good!


  3. Thanks, all!

    @Neon Blonde Runner – the wetsuit is definitely NOT comfortable. You could always go to a PT for a running consult, but I think it gets tricky with insurance (why do I feel like that's something they wouldn't cover?)

    @Lauren/Amanda – I'm targeting the NYC Tri in July. I know it's a long ways off, but I have lots of work do beforehand! Hoping to start swim lessons after the new year


  4. That's awesome you are doing a tri! 🙂 I've been thinking about one but 1. no bike and 2. not a strong swimmer. Soooo…I'm not a rocket scientist, but probably not the best thing now. Hope you stay injury free! 🙂


  5. Sounds like a great trip to Miami! I was there last January for the Orange Bowl, that city is a ton of fun. Amazing weather around now too.

    Great job on the bike ride, 46 miles is a long way!

    I hope PT goes well, sounds like your injury was exactly what I had a while back – runners knee. I gave it some rest and did a bunch of rehab exercises and now my knee feels better. I just need to deal with my right foot stress fracture now.

    The Olympics should indeed be awesome, I've never been to one before and have always wanted to go!


  6. Awesome purchase with the wet suit! That's pretty much the only thing, with some small stuff, that we need in order to do any future triathlons that we want to do. They are expensive though so we are waiting a little longer since we don't need them right now.


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