One Week to Go Until the NYC Half

I’m now just one week away from the New York City Half Marathon. After waiting a year to run this race, I’m very excited to have a chance to participate. So far the forecast is looking pretty good, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the weather report sticks!

(I know stalking a week a way is pretty pointless, but I can’t help it)

All that’s left now is to rest up and have a little faith in my training. I know I’ve worked pretty hard for this training cycle, especially considering how badly I was injured back in November.  My weeks consisted mostly of once-a-week tempo/speed intervals, a long run, and lots of easy miles.  I ended up peaking at 45 miles/week (well 44 and change – thanks dailymile for rounding up) and averaging about 36 miles/week for the cycle.

Mileage for the training cycle from dailymile.Don’t ask me why the last week in Dec./first week in Jan. were split into two weeks.

I know some prefer to do their final long run one week out, but I’m definitely a fan of running my longest run two weeks out and starting to cut back my mileage from there.  Luckily,  there was a local racing series that was holding a 25K about 10 minutes from my front door.  A long run with built in support and company? Count me in!

I knew it was going to be a tough run when I realized a portion of the course was going to run through some of the roads where my marathon training group met over the summer.  I recruited my friend Dahlia from the city to come out and join me, and I knew it wasn’t just me when she told me she would never complain about the hills in Central Park again!

But despite the tough course, I did feel stronger and faster than when I ran in the area over the summer. I was even able to pick it up for the last few miles at goal race pace.

Finishing the 25K. Clearly I had no idea there was going to be a camera.

I know all of this should be evidence that I am strong and ready-to-go for race day next weekend, but I am still so nervous. The last time I tried for a sub-2 half was last May, and that turned out to be an epic fail. I just hope all my hard work this training cycles pays off!

Any last minute tips leading up to race day (or cures for race day anxiety)?

7 thoughts on “One Week to Go Until the NYC Half

  1. How exciting! That's a race I've always wanted to do. Your training sounds excellent and I think that sub 2 will be yours. No worries on race day. Just reflect on your training and gain confidence from it.


  2. Remember to have fun; to THINK/SAY postive thoughts to yourself because you are what you think you are (I've found out). Seriously, just keep on repeating, “I'm awesome, I've got this! (repeat)” Good luck!


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