Boston Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

So while last week was technically week 1 of training for me, I hopped into a 12 week plan at week 2, so let’s call it week 2 training! I am following Hal Higdon’s 12 Week Boston Bound plan. I’ll have to do some modifying to accommodate my particular needs. While I feel quite confident I should have no trouble handing the mileage/workouts of this plan, I do think some of the time-based workouts are written for runners who run WAY faster than me, so I will be taking that into account for the weekend long runs.

Here’s how the week of training went:

Monday 1/29 – 5 miles

At this point I had no idea I was running Boston until later this evening, so I was planning on a basic, easy run.  Not much to write home about – the big news was signing up for Boston after my run!

Tuesday 1/30 – 4 x 800s

Eeek! I knew I was in the race, and time to get serious about training.  Today called for 4 x 800 (Yasso 800s).  I was super nervous to get back into a harder workout, because I have been so fatigued lately.  I also had to head indoors because we had gotten some snow, and the last thing I need is to slip on black ice running repeats. I managed to run each 800 in just under 4:14, which is where I wanted to be without falling of treadmill, so yay me

Wednesday 1/31 – 5 miles

Another easy run. Planned called for 4, but I bumped it up to 5 miles. I probably pushed a tad too fast, but I am struggling with what was “easy” two months ago vrs now.  Was happy the snow cleared off the main roads enough I was able to get outside!

Thursday 2/1 – 7 miles

My plan called for 7 tempo miles, but next week had Thursday’s run as easy miles, so I decided to swap the two out.  This was the first post-op long run, and I was using it as a trial to see if I would be able to handle the weekend’s mileage.  Thankfully this went without issue, and I was SO relieved.

Friday 2/2
Rest day – whomp whomp

Saturday 2/3 – 7 miles

Today was supposed to be marathon paced miles.  I definitely did not hit marathon pace on these miles, but I am trying to cut myself a little slack between the painfully cold weather that morning (which is definitely bothering my nasal passages post op!) and my legs just getting back into the swing of things.

Sunday 2/4 – 14 miles

Long run day.  Okay I’m not gonna lie,  I was flipping out I wouldn’t be able to do this.  I know it is somewhat irrational, considering only a month ago I ran 13.1 miles and a marathon two days in a row, but this is the first long run I’ve tried since then, and running hasn’t really been smooth sailing since then.  While it was definitely one of the slowest long runs I’ve done in a while, and it was much more of a struggle at the end then this distance typically is, I was VERY happy to be able to get the miles done.

Total mileage: 42 miles. Happy with the mileage, but wish my relative speed from the fall would return. 

Are you training for anything? I’m a bit off topic for this week, but I’m linking up with the lovely ladies on Tuesdays on The Run

11 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

  1. I'm not currently training, was just trying to build base, until I got sick, of course. I think I'd freak out with just 12 weeks to train, but then I've never done a marathon — I'd probably be freaking out no matter how long I trained! Good luck!


  2. I have a 5-miler on Saturday, and a 10K March 10th, and then a 13.1 on March 17th. I've been running 5-mile “long runs” most of the winter, so now it's just a matter of adding an extra mile each weekend onto those to boost my endurance.Easy-peasy, right? 😉


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