Dopey Challenge 2018: Walt Disney World 10K Recap

After playing in an insanely crowded Magic Kingdom on Thursday (seriously, I have never seen the park so crowded – even teacups had like an hour wait!), my husband, friend, and I headed over to the Polynesian to grab a drink and dinner.  Our intention was to check out Trader Sam’s before dinner, but even the bar had over an hour wait! Sheesh.  Luckily we at least find seats at another bar in the resort, before heading over the Kona Cafe for dinner.  By the time we got back to the resort, it was after 9 pm – which is very early by any other standards, but in Run Disney time, that is late!

Once again – the alarm clock went off far too early, and I rolled out of bed to head out the door for another early morning.  My BFR and I left the resort at the same time, 4:45, and headed right to the bus stop to hop on board.  It was just as cold as the day before – maybe colder – and I was once again very grateful for my cold weather gear and throwaways.

Same drill as yesterday – got off the bus, and headed straight to the corrals.  We had heard some rumors yesterday that RD closed corral A right at 5 am (which they have never done before) and we did not want to miss our start. Luckily, we got there in plenty of time with no drama, and did our best to stay warm until we started.

Finally, time to start running! Having learned our lesson from yesterday, we started towards the back of the corral this time.  When I first got started, I was a little surprised that my legs started to lock up for the first minute or so of the race – yikes,  I guess the cold was getting to me.  While the crowds around me for the first mile or so were noticeably more crowded then in past times I have run the race, it was not nearly crowded enough to slow my pace.  I also quickly realized the kangaroo pockets in my pullover were not secure enough to hold my phone,  and I better hold it in my hand so I don’t lose it.  It was sort of annoying for the whole race, but not nearly as annoying as it would of been if I had actually lost it!

The first 3 miles of the course takes you outside the highway, and then the last 3 miles were in EPCOT, the Boardwalk, and EPCOT again.   The first three miles were flying by – I clocked a 9:12, 9:13, and 9:09 – despite my best efforts to slow myself down.  Why is it always that when you know you are running faster than you should you can’t seem to slow down, but when you want to speed up, it just doesn’t happen? There were a couple of character stops to help keep you entertained on the highway, but just like the day before, lines were crazy long.

World Showcase is so pretty by torchlight

Right after the 5K point, time to enter the World Showcase! Even though I had just ran this course more or less yesterday, it was still so much fun.  Since you had some extra mileage before the park, compared to the day before, the crowds had actually thinned much more at this point in the race, too.  On my way out of the Word Showcase towards heading to the Boardwalk – I spotted a character stop, Marie the Cat, with no line – YAY! But alas, I had run by her too quickly, and then tried to awkwardly turn around to catch her, and finally decided it was not worth the effort and I just wasted another 10 seconds of my life LOL.

Oh, just a regular morning run, NBD, just running around the world

After we left World Showcase, the course took us through the EPCOT resort area – past the Beach Club and through the Boardwalk. It was nice to finally cover some new ground! I thought to myself the next time I will be here will be around mile 24 of the marathon, so you better enjoy it now, because you will NOT be feeling this good the time around!

After Boardwalk, it was time to get back to EPCOT through some backstage stage areas, enter World Showcase, head to Future World, and wrap this race up.  On the way towards Future World, I spotted Duffy the Bear with no line. Finally, a character stop!

First character stop of the challenge!

Before I knew it, I was heading back towards Spaceship Earth, around the bend, and towards the finish area.  Time to smile for the cameras again, and cross the second finish line of the weekend. Two races down, two to go! I clocked in at 58:18, which again, was faster than I had predicted.  Normally a good thing, but it made a little nervous knowing I had a half marathon, then a marathon, to face in the next two days.

Once again, I collected my medal and food boxes and found my friend.  This time we took photos with Minnie (to match our medals, obv) and the main mouse himself.  This time we were able to get the buses and head back to the hotel much quicker than the day before – I believe we ended up getting back to the resort at around the same day as the day before, despite having run double the distance.

I took a glorious hot shower and an even more glorious nap.  Once the two of us were more well-rested, we grabbed my husband, and we spent the rest of the day playing in Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs.

Coming up next? Dopey Challenge Part 3 – The Walt Disney World Half Marathon +
Dopey Challenge Part 4 – The Walt Disney World Marathon

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