March Recap + April Goals

Wow – I survived peak month for Boston! I managed to get in 190 miles – which isn’t the most miles I have ever run, it’s not a super low cringe number either.  I can’t believe the race is coming up in just a week and a half.  I don’t feel ready to run my best marathon by any stretch of the imagination, but I am still super excited to just soak up the experience.  I just hope I am not one of the last finishers in a sea of BQers!

Let’s take a look to see how my goals went for this month.

Getting in lots of miles this March!

February Recap

Make sure to get in one quality workout a week.  I may have to adjust the workouts in my plan since I missed a decent chunk, but I do want to make sure to try and pick up the speed – without putting myself into major fatigue again.
I’ll give myself a D on this. I didn’t do any real speedwork, but I was able to pick up the pace purposely on a few runs, so at least that’s something.

Make better food choices.  I don’t want to get too caught up in the scale and end up depleting myself, but I do want to focus on make the right choices to fuel my runs better.  Less wine, more veggies!
B- on this. I’ve been cooking a lot more (yay!) and have been trying to make better decisions at lunch.  But there’s’ still crap that can be cut.

Take some time for myself. I have a lot on my plate this month between marathon training, a new job, some exciting partnerships ahead (more on that coming soon!) house shopping, and lots of family obligations.  But if I don’t carve out some time for myself to relax, I will fall apart at the seams.
B on this. I have defiantly been better at saying “no” to things I don’t have time for, cut back on the running when I feel like my body is starting to break down, and trying to relax more. Holding off on the “A’ because I need to work on relaxing more – my mind is still racing at night, which is no beuno.

Find a place to swim.  Right now I am in between gyms, but I need to find at least a place to swim, since it will be months until I get back into the open water again.
C – I found a place I want to join, I just haven’t been able to actually join LOL

April Goals

Finish the Boston Marathon. Run/walk/crawl whatever – I just want to get across that finish line so I can parade around with my Boston jacket and medal. I’m not gonna lie – I’ve wanted one of those dang jackets for so long now. All the cool kids have one!

Start swimming and biking.  Time to start running less, and swimming biking more ! I am so excited for triathlon season. I really miss my bike. It will be my first full season on my new-to-me carbon bike (thanks, Mom for the hand-me-down!) and I am excited to see what the upgrade will do for me. And yeah, I guess, swimming consistently won’t be a bad thing.

Regroup a bit on February’s weight goals.  Since I am finally off the marathon training, I hope I can make an even better effort with my eating habits.

Try to work out a little more in the mornings. The weather is getting a bit nicer (in theory) and there is more daylight during the day, so there’s really no excuse not to get out of bed more often.  Not only does it start my day off on the right foot (pun, intended) but it gives me more time at night to cook and relax.

Don’t go nuts trying to move. With a target closing date of mid-May on our new house,  April will bring the moving party in full swing.  My husband is very OCD clean, and I am very not (and am admittedly a pat rack) so here’s to not killing each other as we pack up apartment and move into our first real home.

I’m linking up with Annmarie from the Fit Foodie Mama and Nicole from Fitful Focus for Wild Workout Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “March Recap + April Goals

  1. Wow – 190 miles in a month is super impressive!

    I have no doubt that you will enjoy the Boston Marathon. I think that you are going into it with the correct mindset about enjoying the experience of the whole race, actually the whole weekend!


    1. rach

      Well not really moving until May, but starting to pack and finalize the mortgage and all the closing fun stuff etc Thank you so much!


  2. Wow you do have a lot going on. I hope you will enjoy your Boston marathon and meet your goal of finishing. Coincidentally I’m going to be in the Boston area on marathon day. I have a skating competition and will be staying on. I hope the weather will be good on Patriot’s Day.


    1. rach

      Thank you!! That is exciting to be in town for the marathon – I’ve been there before for the weekend, there is so much energy in the city. Good luck on your competition – I bet you will kill it!


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