April Recap + May Goals

It’s gonna be May! Is anyone else sick of the Justin memes yet? I mean don’t get me wrong, I always love me some Justin, but they are just everywhere.  But anyways, I digress. I seriously cannot believe it is May already.  I really don’t know where the time goes…I feel like I was JUST writing my February recap last week.

April was really dominated by running Boston.  The first half the month was taper, taper, taper.   And in case you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the weather at Boston turned out to be completely horrific.  The hypothermia inducing conditions combined with the already difficult course really did a number on me.  I will admit – when I set my April goals back at the end of March, I did NOT expect to need so much recovery.   Between the taper and recovery, I only ran 85 miles this month. Ouch.  But any rate, let’s see how I did.

Something I excelled at this month – wearing my celebration jacket EVERYWHERE (like Yankee Stadium!)

April Recap

Finish the Boston Marathon. Run/walk/crawl whatever – I just want to get across that finish line so I can parade around with my Boston jacket and medal. I’m not gonna lie – I’ve wanted one of those dang jackets for so long now. All the cool kids have one!
Yes, I finished! One of the most epic Boston marathons yet. Have I mentioned it rained a bit? Winds were a bit gusty? A little chilly out? LOL. Sorry not sorry – I’m going to be talking about that one for a LONG time.

Start swimming and biking.  Time to start running less, and swimming biking more ! I am so excited for triathlon season. I really miss my bike. It will be my first full season on my new-to-me carbon bike (thanks, Mom for the hand-me-down!) and I am excited to see what the upgrade will do for me. And yeah, I guess, swimming consistently won’t be a bad thing.
Yes, I did manage to get on the bike last week! Swimming is coming this week.  When I set these goals back in March, I did NOT anticipate the massive amounts of chaffing I endured after Boston in the rain (sorry, TMI?) which forced me to put these activities on hold longer than I wanted to. But maybe more rest/recovery after what my body went through is not a bad thing.

Regroup a bit on February’s weight goals.  Since I am finally off the marathon training, I hope I can make an even better effort with my eating habits.
Well after the pre-marathon carb-load, and post-marathon eat-whatever-I-want party, I finally started to crack down last week and make some changes. It’s not gonna take four days of eating well to where I want to be (sad!) but I feel like I am at least off to the right start, finally.

Try to work out a little more in the mornings. The weather is getting a bit nicer (in theory) and there is more daylight during the day, so there’s really no excuse not to get out of bed more often.  Not only does it start my day off on the right foot (pun, intended) but it gives me more time at night to cook and relax.
Still working on that one. I love my snooze button LOL.

Don’t go nuts trying to move. With a target closing date of mid-May on our new house,  April will bring the moving party in full swing.  My husband is very OCD clean, and I am very not (and am admittedly a pat rack) so here’s to not killing each other as we pack up apartment and move into our first real home.
Well the move is starting to stress me out, I’m not going to lie. The boxes are starting to pile up everywhere and it’s making feel very unsettled.  But my husband and I haven’t had a major fight over them, so gold star on that one so far! (now let’s hope I didn’t jinx it!)

May Goals

Enjoy not being on a training plan. This is the first time in over a year I am not jumping right into a big race! My half Ironman training doesn’t start until after Memorial Day, so I am enjoying the down time.  Now that doesn’t mean sit on my behind for the rest of the month, but more run when I want to run, bike when I want to bike and swim when I have to (ha) without being on a formal training plan. Maybe even try a new class or two at my new gym!

Not get too lazy. On the flip side, I don’t want to fall into the trap of “I’m not training for anything” so that means I do nothing.   I still want to try and exercise 5-6 times a week. It’s important to keep moving.

Lose weight.  I will say what I did not want to say in March and April with marathon training in full swing – I have to make slimming down to my race weight a bigger priority now that I am in the “off season”.  My clothes are getting tighter, my run pace is slowing, and it is NOT muscle that is making the scale creep up.

Get back on a morning workout schedule. If I say it enough times, maybe it will actually happen, right?

Move into my first home! Closing date is May 18.  By the next monthly recap, my husband and I will finally be homeowners! I am so beyond excited to have an actual house with so much more space – including my very own gym!

What are you plans for this month?  I’m linking up with the lovely ladies on Tuesdays on The Run



33 thoughts on “April Recap + May Goals

  1. haha, May definitely came up quickly! (This year in general feels like it’s going by way too quickly!)

    Best of luck to you on your goals this month, and I hope your move goes super smoothly! Yay for having your own home + a home gym! ❤


  2. I’m still sad that all the people who worked so hard, and have one shot at Boston had such cruddy conditions to contend with. I think my road bike is coming out this week! Thanks for linking!


    1. rach

      I definitely this was my one shot at Boston. The weather made it interesting, but at least it’s a Boston everyone will be talking about for a while!


  3. I’ve usually been good on with my past moves, it’s just I run out of space for the boxes. Apartments aren’t that big either, and the kitchen is always the biggest room to pack.


    1. rach

      Yes – that’s my biggest issue right now, space! I am going to have to break down my bike trainer soon which I am not happy about…but it’s just a few weeks.


  4. I hear ya on the longer-than-expected recovery thing. My half was LAST weekend (like 9 days ago), and my body is still feeling turtle-ish. I realize that 1-miler (two days post 13.1) is a factor, but UGH. I’m an early riser, but that has not been happening without effort…which tells me to just go with what my body is feeling. I have a team relay on the 12th, and another race on June 2nd (a 20K), so no big whoop. Congrats on the new home (in a couple weeks)!


    1. rach

      Sometimes it just takes longer than you want to recover! It’s hard to be patient but we gotta listen to our bodies, right?


  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Moving can be stressful, but there’s nothing like becoming a homeowner, congratulations!

    You have some really great goals. I need to follow your tune and try not to be TOO lazy this month since I’m done with my marathon and not training for anything. It already feels so weird!


    1. rach

      Thank you – we are both so excited!

      Haha I know what you mean about not being on a schedule. But you so deserve the down time too, you killed NJ!


  6. The Boston Marathon was a huge accomplishment for April! And you definitely deserve a break. I hope you can enjoy some time off from training in May!


    1. rach

      Oh I know!! I would love a biking buddy. I don’t mind running alone, but on the bike, I feel like safety is in numbers!


    1. rach

      Hah there is that old NSYNC song where he sings “It’s gonna be me” but it sounds like “it’s gonna be May” and then memes imploded from there

      Thank you!


  7. Lol. I love the “It’s gonna be May” memes! I listened to N*Sync Pandora station all day and was rocking out! May and June are super busy for me so I feel like I just need to put my head down and go go go. I’m jealous of your down time for sure!


  8. I was in Boston supporting my husband I can confirm, IT WAS HORRENDOUS. Well done on finishing! Wear that jacket, baby!!

    Do you already have a triathlon in mind?

    I think you have great goals. I also want to lose weight (broken record, still can’t get it together since my LAST marathon which was a year and a half ago…) and I want to work out in the morning. One thing I did do was look at my calendar for the month and then plan which days I was going to do an AM workout and then I wrote it in my bullet journal (also exactly what I’m going to do). So far, so good, but hey, I only had one on the calendar this week hahaha! Tomorrow is my next one. I’m so busy with everything that this is really the only way for me to do it. Good luck resisting that snooze button!

    how exciting that you are moving soon! you’ll definitely have to show us your gym space when you are all set up!


    1. rach

      Thank you! Yes the conditions were insane LOL. Congrats to your husband too!! And spectating in that was not easy, either.

      Yes – I am training for Ironman 70.3 AC. I do like your bullet journal idea – I may have to try that!!


  9. Parade that jacket around lady! You double earned it with the TERRIBLE weather!
    Congrats on finishing and taking time to recover!
    Moving is a lot of work on top of normal life! Hope all goes well and congrats on the pending new home!
    Best of luck with your other goals also 🙂


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