Product Review: Gatorade Endurance

Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Well I am still trying to get settled into the new house (won’t unpacking ever end?!), but triathlon season is in full swing for me. I (obviously) very much under-estimated the amount of work a new house needed, and thought training for a Sept 70.3 would be noooo problem if I moved in May. Ha. But hey, I ran my best marathon 3 weeks after my wedding, so maybe big races during crazy life changes will work out for me again?

One of the biggest challenges I have during long distance triathlon is nailing down my fueling. Usually by the end of the marathon, I am OVER the sports food and can barely get anything down for the last 6 miles or so. However, that’s usually around 3.5 hours or so into the race. I’m out there for much, much longer during a half iron – so any fueling issues I have during a marathon, get exponentially worse for every hour I am out there. My first half ironman, my stomach was cramping so badly on the run, I could barely walk (much less run) at times. Not that I am particularly fast runner, but I am very experienced, and thus very confident in my ability to cover the distance, so it was a huge disappointment to have stomach issues on the leg where I felt it was my time to shine. I had similar cramps during last year’s Quassy Rev3 race as well. This season, I am determined to get through my races without any stomach trouble!

When Gatorade gave me a chance to test out their new watermelon flavor on their endurance formula drink, I jumped on it. Not only did the watermelon flavor sound delicious (I love fruit!) but this formula is exactly what is served on the race course. Let’s be real – I probably won’t ever be able to successfully navigate a water bottle swap station without crashing myself and the entire course around me – but I do there is huge value in being able to fuel with what is served on course. That way, in an emergency and lose my fuel, I don’t have to worry about the “nothing new on race day” issue.

I first tested out the drink on a short brick workout. My dad once gave me advice to test out any new fuel on a short workout – that way, if you do have any issues, you’re not 10 miles from the house. Good tip. Luckily, I enjoyed the taste, and my stomach did not hate me before, during, or after! Good sign.

The big test was on last weekend on my long bike ride – 40 miles or bust. I went out with a group I was super nervous about joining. Historically, they’ve all been slightly too fast for me, but that was on my old bike. This season I upgraded my entry level aluminum frame to a carbon Scott Foil with Ultegra gearing, and I hope it was the trick I needed for me to keep up. I took two bottles of the Gatorade with me as fuel. I am very happy to report, not only did I keep up with the group, but we came in almost a mph faster than advertised! Woohoo – I guess the Gatorade worked! No stomach issues, either.

I’m looking forward to fueling with Gatorade all season long – and hopefully scoring a new half iron PR later this season, too!

Tell me – how do you fuel on your workouts?

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