Summer Update

Happy (almost) July 4th! This summer is really flying by for me. I feel like it was just Memorial Day two weeks ago!

Celebrated the 4th early last Sunday with a 9k race through Redding, CT!

In mid May, my husband and I closed on our very first house. Going from a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment to a 4 bedroom/3 bath house has been an incredible joy (thank goodness for space, finally) but a lot more work than I expected! Practically every weekend has been spent shopping for furniture, unpacking boxes, and general house stuff, but we are starting to get to the point where we feel a little more settled. We still have a lot more boxes coming from my husband’s childhood home in north CT, and all my family’s boxes from our old house in Miami that we put into storage last year w hen my mom sold the house to move up to NYC, but at least the pieces are starting to come together. I’m particularly excited to *finally* have a space for a little home gym. For the last two tri seasons, my bike trainer has been set up in the living room. This was not ideal for me (no honey, I do not want to chat while my bike is on a 10% hill climb, thank you very much!) or my husband (why do we have bikes everywhere?) Pictures coming soon promise!

Okay so here’s a preview of how my amazing pink gym is turning out so far!

In the midst of all the house craziness, I have been doing my best to start training for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. This will be my second time doing this race, and my third half Ironman. There are not too many Ironman-branded 70.3 races that are within driving distance from me, especially later in the season – it’s basically Atlantic City at the end of September and Maine in August. I am so happy I opted for Atlantic City this year. I am only on week 5 (out of 16) for training so the miles are first really starting to ramp up this week. I am not sure I would have been able to handle high volume training while the worst of the move was going on! I am following the intermediate plan out of the “IronFit Secrets for Half Iron-Distance Triathlon Success: Time-Efficient Training For Triathlon’s Most Popular Distance” (phew, that’s a long title!) by Melanie and Don Fink. This is the first year I’ve opted to not use a coach, but the plan looks fairly similar to what my coaches have put together for me in the past. The plan includes two days of swimming, a short bike ride during the week, a shorter brick (bike-to-run) during the week, a shorter weekday run, and then a long ride followed by a short run, and a long run on the weekends. It feels weird to not be running nearly every day as I do in marathon training, but since the plan averages about 11 hours of training/week, there is absolutely lack of exercise in my life!

Spending some quality time on my bike lately

Despite it being triathlon season, I am also starting to think ahead to fall marathon season. How can you not love crisp cool air, changing leaves, and faster race times after sucking it up in the heat and humidity all summer?! My big fall marathon will be my 5th New York City Marathon, which also happens to my absolute favorite race in the world. This year will be even more exciting than in the past because my mom just got settled in a new place on the Upper West Side, right where the marathon dumps you out. I don’t care how old you are, there is nothing better than being spoiled by your mom after 26.2 miles!

I’m also super excited to announce that as a Rock n Blog ambassador, I will be running both Rock n’ Roll Philly in September and Rock n’ Roll Vegas in November! Neither are going to be big goal races – Philly is the week before AC so it will be just a long training run and Vegas is the week after NYC, so my legs will be tired – but I am excited to have some runcations!

These Vegas medals are amazing! Can’t wait

And that’s a wrap! Tell me – how is your summer going so far?

7 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. Hooray for space! But I feel ya on the packing/unpacking–I’ve gotten so sick of that over the years! I really hope to someday have my own space (and home gym) too! Best of luck on your training!


  2. Congrats on your new home! How exciting! My favorite thing about buying a house was having my own laundry and a garage! LOL

    Summer training has been really tough with the heat we’ve been having. Good luck with your tri training.


  3. I’m considering RnR Philly, too! With our oldest daughter in Hanover, PA, I’m eager to get back out there and see more of the state. I love how you already have your medals on display in your pink room 😉 Priorities, right? LOL


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