Everyone Loves a Good Comeback, Right?

Wow – time flies when you are working hard! I am looking back and I can’t believe it’s been a while since I posted an update.  Sorry loyal blogger friends and readers! Life gets in the way sometimes.  Where we left off, I was getting ready for a New York Marathon I was woefully prepared for. Although it was a beautiful, crisp New York City day (FINALLY some decent weather after Boston and Atlantic City earlier in the year) – no weather is going to help you when you aren’t properly prepared. I did manage to gut it out to the finish, but I avoided – barely – a personal worse.

No matter what, it’s still a marathon finish – and a NYC Marathon finish!

The weekend after New York, I flew out to Vegas for a girls trip to run the Rock N Roll Las Vegas half marathon.  I was very much looking forward to this trip.  We had planned for lot of fun with a little bit of running – which is normally not really an issue for me if the race goal is to “complete and have fun” not “compete” – however, that also only works if you are well trained.   We ran the 5K on Saturday night and although that was pretty uneventful, the half marathon was a total disaster.  I have never been so sick during a race in my life, and it was a minor miracle I was able to finish at all.

When I got back from the trip, I realized it was time to make a big change in my life. I could no longer ignore the facts that 1) my “easy” run pace has climbed well over to a minute per mile slower than what I was doing a year earlier 2) I have lost so much endurance that every race this fall has been a struggle bus 3) the majority of my clothes no longer fit me 4) I gained back every pound I had worked so hard to lose two years ago, plus an additional 5, and based on the inches and how my clothes fit, it was not muscle I had gained.

Orange Theory To Save The Day

Enter Orange Theory. I had heard so many great things about these classes, I wanted to give it a try.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the studio, the classes combine short bouts of hard efforts on the treadmill, the rowing machine, and the weight room for a HITT workout.  I have never been able to stick with a strength training program in my life, but I figured I might as well give it try for this winter, because my current program was not working.

I signed up for the Elite membership at my local studio, which is 8 classes, month (about twice a week).  The first few weeks were HARD.  It was a bit of a slap in the face to realize how far I had fallen in terms of running speed even for the short distances, and the weight room was even more difficult for me to keep up with. I had a few workouts where I could barely run for days after.  But slowly it got easier – and now 3 months later, while the classes are never “easy” – I do find I am able to keep up much better, and (knock on wood anyways) I can recover much more quickly.  I am also starting to see some of the weight come off, but I am also trying not to focus too much on the scale and more on how my clothes fit, since I know I am lifting weights for the first time.

Making positive progress already – end of January at start of my unofficial Orange Theory “Transformation Challenge”

London Bound

I also had an incredible opportunity this past winter handed to me, in the form of an invite to the London Marathon. I have wanted to run this marathon for so many years, but as any runner knows, the ballot is nearly impossible for overseas runners.  Plus, this means after this race, I will be 3/6 done with the Majors and halfway there to the elusive six star major.  I do not want to throw away my shot at this one.  I put together a pretty difficult training plan based off of Hal Higdon Advanced 1 – and modifying to include my Orange Theory classes and a little swimming and cycling – and so far, I think I’ve been able to do a pretty good job at sticking to it.  I am going on week 9 of 18 of my schedule, and I’ve hit workout I’ve needed (albeit shuffling some days around – but I think that’s normal, right?).  My paces are not quite where they were. But I’m cautiously optimistic that I am making a comeback and that London could be a solid marathon.

Stopping by my local English pub on a London Marathon long training run!

Running For A Cause

As many of you may know, the London Marathon is a huge charity fundraiser.  The reason why the ballot is so difficult is because the majority of the field is comprised of charity runners – this year, the race is set to raise over one billion pounds to charity.  My best friend has also been dying to run this race as much as I have, so I have decided to team up with her as a “ballot”runner.  That way I get to help contribute to this amazing fundraising effort, and also help make an runner’s dream come true. We will be running for Team Sense, a non profit dedicated to helping individuals with complex sensory disabilities. For more info, see our fundraising page. Any contributions would be very much appreciated, and stayed tuned for a few fun raffles and giveaways!

Have you ever fund-raised for a big race before? Any tips on ideas that worked/did not work for you?

8 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Good Comeback, Right?

  1. I also love focusing on how clothes fit, as the scale often doesn’t reflect that side and can easily frustrate you. Well done on getting back on track and I’m so excited you got into the London Marathon. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world. Looking forward to following your journey to London!


  2. I love that you are enjoying OTF so much! as you know, I can’t wait to start lol.

    I’m so excited for your running adventures in 2019. I will be living vicariously through you this year, lol 🙂


  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Welcome back! People say such great things about OTF – I’d love to just try out a class sometime and see if I could keep up! London sounds AMAZING!! I hope you have a fantastic time!


  4. I have also heard great stories about OTF. I took one free class but couldn’t justify paying the monthly fee. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the classes.

    The London Marathon sounds amazing but I know I will never get to run it. The timing just doesn’t work for me plus I am taking a break from running marathons.

    I’ve run the Chicago Marathon a couple of times while having to raise money too. It isn’t easy but I think years ago people were more willing to give more money? I remember someone giving me $250 one year.


  5. I’m so glad to see that you are taking control of the things that were bothering you and getting back to where you are happy! That’s something of which to be very proud 🙂

    I have never done fundraising for a race. I feel like we are always asking money for little man’s school or scouts or some other cause I volunteer with that I just can’t ask for one more thing. I do contribute sometimes, though – there are some great organizations out there and I like to help when I can.


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