Welcome Fleet Feet Westport!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking a new running store that opened up a few towns over from me – Fleet Feet Westport. I am SO excited to have them around for all the group activities. I seriously hate doing speedwork on my own and those 3 hour plus long runs get a little monotonous on the same routes by yourself over and over again, so I am very much looking forward to training with this summer– and hoping having their help push me to a new PR!

One of the unique aspects of a Fleet Feet store is their Fit ID program.  It utilizes a nifty 3D scanning device that gives you all sorts of fun facts about your foot.  For the past 10 years, I have been running in the Asics 2000s – a pretty common stability shoe.  I used to be very injury prone (and I never really feel like I am out of the woods yet!) and have been known to over-pronate, so I always had the mindset of it’s not broken, why fix it?

So many shoes to choose from

I went into the fitting expecting to be put in another stability shoe, but since Asics had come out with a new version of the 2000, and Brookes recently redesigned their core stability shoe (Adrenaline) I thought it was worthwhile to go through the whole fitting process.  First, the owner, Dave,  looked at my bare foot to measure it and see if I had swelling, blisters, or toe nail issues.  Thankfully I have only suffered one black toenail in my whole running “career” and I do not wish to repeat that painful experience! My foot measured in at size 5.5, which was no surprise to me. I know I have baby feet. He recommended a 6.5-7 in a running shoe, depending on the vendor and fit.

Next he watched me walk barefoot, and looked at the wear pattern of current shoes.  Now – this is the fun part, where I got to the test the Fit ID system. I answered a few questions about my running habits, and stepped on a device that was similar to a scale. It spit out all sorts of fun facts about my feet – including size, width and arch height.  I used to have a super narrow foot, but over time running has widened it, so I am now a regular width – which came to no surprise me. What did surprise me was my arch was considered much closer to average – I always thought I barely had an arch!

Getting my foot scanned via FitID

However  – the really surprising thing to me was that Dave saw no evidence of over-pronation in my gait and recommended a neutral shoe to me!  At first I was completely shocked – how could that be?  But truth be told, the last time I was probably truly fitted was at least five years ago. I have been working hard on building up to higher mileage running over the years, and most recently, sticking to a strength training routine thanks to Orange Theory Fitness.  As you get fitter, your gait can get more efficient – I just never thought it would happen to me.

Trying on my first pair of neutral shoes

Dave had me try on a few pair of neutral shoes – including the Brooks Levitate and the Nike Zoom Flys – and they both really good, I must admit.  I was really tempted to walk out of there with a brand new shoe – but since I am 4.5 weeks out from London, we both agreed that it was not a great time for me to try a new pair of shoes.  After London I will be switching to 70.3 training, and my running mileage will go down as my cycling mileage goes up – so it will be a perfect time to try a new pair of shoes. While I know no shoe is going to make you faster if you don’t put in the work –  I’m not going to lie – I wouldn’t mind be able to run or race in the Zoom Fly (or even better it’s sister, the Vaporfly 4%) with the magical carbon plate. I need all the help I can get to reach my speed goals!

Nike, please make me fast!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience going through the Fit ID fitting at Fleet Feet Westport and to welcome a new running store in town. Now hurry up and start your track sessions….I can’t wait for you to push me to my limits!

Tell me – have you ever switched from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe? Has your running gait changed over the years?

7 thoughts on “Welcome Fleet Feet Westport!

  1. I’m in the Brooks Adrenalines (and Ravennas), and know my over-pronation has not changed LOL If anything, it may have gotten more pronounced. I agree, though, it’s a smart idea to get fitted periodically, because it would only make sense one’s gait/stride, etc could change over time due to injury or mileage.


  2. I will eventually make my way to this store. I was so sad when the Fleet Feet in Stamford closed 😦 The owners were so lovely!

    I had a fitting done last year but I would definitely do another one at the store.


  3. Oh, what a fun experience! I transitioned from stability to neutral, but had to go back after I got plantar fascitis — which I blame on work/dress shoes. It makes sense that your gait could change over the years — especially if your feet have changed.


  4. angela@marathonsandmotivation.com

    I love the Fleet Feet store here in Maine!! I think a good running shoe fit is essential to staying injury free!


  5. Darlene

    My experience is the opposite. I wore a Neutral shoe for years but after my recent injury I switched to a stability shoe. I think I’ll stay there for a while. At least for longer distances.


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